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  • "What I like about Golden Rule is that all the Lodge's affairs are discussed openly and candidly, including even the most junior members."
  • "Everyone is on an equal level whatever walk of life, religious belief or cultural upbringing"
  • "Large sums of money are collected at lodge level for local causes and collectively for national charities and international relief work."
  • “Golden Rule provides a challenge to learn ritual in a fun atmosphere and raise money that goes direct to worthy causes.”
  • “The Lodge means friendliness compassion and above all companionship in difficult times, There is no better place to be when life seems hard”
  • “I enjoy Golden Rule because I have been made to feel part of the team, it is welcoming and friendly and unlike other organisations there is no backstabbing and sniping ”
  • “What I like about Golden Rule Lodge is that all the Lodge’s affairs are discussed openly and candidly, including even with the most junior brethren.”


Contact the Secretary: Gavin O'Sullivan

E-Mail:[email protected]

Phone: 07831 839714